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Past Lectures and Speakers 2018

Saturday May 5th

main_outdoor_yoga   Morning Yoga outside or inside if raining-bring your mats! Saturday May 5th 10:30-11:30 and Sunday May 6th 11:30-12:30

Kids Yoga Classes with Chanelle McArthur Sunday 4:15-5:15

Authentic NC-Eye group meditation 12:30-2pm (Inside, middle of building) Eye Gazing When is the last time you really, truly slowed down and just connected with someone in silence with just your eyes? No talking, nothing to make happen, no planning, just simple eye contact. Now, when was the last time you did this with a stranger? The power we have for connection with just this simple, yet vulnerable gesture is immense. The internet is full of beautiful videos of people connecting deeply just through eye contact and falling in love with eachother’s presence, sometimes without even being able to speak the same language! It’s amazing! AuthenticNC is focused on supporting people living fully actualized in all aspects of their lives. Whether in personal relationships or at the workplace, AuthenticNC supports identifying and aligning all aspects of a person to help them get the most out of life.

IMG_7481 10:30-11:30 Nirmala Madasu- “Soul Contracts “:
Our souls know when we come here what our life purpose is, and they plant lots and lots of people, experiences and lessons in our path to get us there. Join me as I explain how those people and experiences are always leading us to our higher self, but there are tons of lessons we need to learn in order to reach that final destination of spiritual enlightenment.

    11:45-12:45  Sandra Denise Molina”Spark Up Your Life With Your Archangels!” It only takes a spark to jump-start your life with the Divine Love of your Archangels! Your angels are ready to strengthen their connection with you and fill your life with peace, love, and inspiration. You may be facing a challenge, but your angels are by your side to help you overcome your obstacles. Sandra Denise Molina is an International Angel Touch Healer and Messenger, who is passionate about guiding, empowering, and healing with love. With her purest intention, unrelenting faith, and genuine love to help people heal, Sandra touches and transforms lives.

   1:00-2:00 Lynn Rene MacDonald-“Truth About Why- You Have No Money.””: Why is it that you never seem to have enough Money? This Lecture will discuss and Show you why and Teach you the tools to change that. We will Explore Everywhere in your life you have less than and are not Truly Happy.This is Key to why you have no money. We will also clear the Blocks you have that stop you from having money, and teach you how to do this as well.

   2:15-3:15-Diana Call – “Paramita Path Sacred Healing®”. As a certified Sacred Healer of the Parmaita Path, the Divine Light of Pure Love and the Angelic Realm are invoked during an energy healing session. In this beautiful sanctuary of the highest Light, I’ll share the role of Archangel Raphael and the beneficent Angelic Realm along with the loving presence of the Divine Light of Pure Love to obtain the inner peace for your mind, spiritual heart, body and soul. 

  3:30-4:30 Marcia & Jack Hebrank (Moon & Hawk) “Manifesting Your Dreams With Your Angelic Dream Team”  Would you like some heavenly help in manifesting your dreams?  Spend the hour with Angel Teachers Marcia & Jack Hebrank, as we explore the many ways the Angels can partner with you to help transform your goals and dreams into reality! Learn who the Angels of Abundance are, and how you can re-shape your manifesting work for the better with the help of your Angelic dream team. Participate in a guided Angelic meditation to help release blocks and fears that may have prevented you from co-creating the life you deserve. Marcia and Jack are Doreen Virtue trained Certified Angel Intuitives, and they are practitioners of Angel Therapy at One Light Center in Durham, NC. They’re also Certified Master Angel Practitioners, Certified Spiritual Teachers, Certified Advanced Angel Practitioners, and Certified Angel Card Readers. Visit their website, http://www.OneLight.byregion.net for information about their Angel Card Readings, Angel Therapy Sessions, and Angelic Trainings for healers and intuitives at One Light Center.

    4:45-5:45 Izzy Zarrillo “Aligning with your Higher Self to Manifest Divine Love”:Learn how the Law of Attraction works in manifesting your Twin Flame or Soul Mate. Explore common sub-conscious blocks to manifesting the love your heart desires and deserves. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe! Consciously aligning with Divine Love, or your Higher Self is the ultimate Mission on this Earth plane. You will learn techniques to assist you in realizing and aligning with, your Higher Self, which is your true nature of peace, joy, bliss and LOVE.

   Jeff Rock   5:50-6:50-“Re-Awaken a Sense of Wonder!” In an era of fake news, dogmatic divisions, and especially personal challenges, it can be easy to get lost battling limiting beliefs. Through this experiential journey we will peel the layers of our reality and who we are – to uncover once again a child-like wonder about the world we live in, discover our potential again, and find a better way of relating with one another. This workshop is based on the teachings of my father, mentors, and a long term study of A Course in Miracles.


 Sunday May 6th

main_outdoor_yoga  11:30-12:30 Morning Yoga (outside)-bring your mats!

  11:15-12:10 Lynn Rene MacDonald “Change Your Life NOW- Workshop” In this course the Audience is invited to share parts of their lives they would like to Change, And Create what they have wanted in their lives, but can never really seem to make it happen.Everyone will get to work with Spirit Life Guide- Lynn Rene MacDonald and choose at least one thing they have not been able to obtain in their lives, and create that to happen- Right here- Right now in this Fantastic Workshop.

   12:15-1:10 Eric Hahn “Subluxation, and how it disrupts energy flow and physical function”  This presentation will focus on bridging the gap between the spiritual components of our lives and the physical manifestation of trauma and discomfort in our bodies. We will discuss the three causes of Subluxation and how to remove them from your life. 

853djan_kolleda300  1:15-2:15 Jan Petrie -A Mystics Garden “Releasing Fears and Old Beliefs”: Releasing fears and old beliefs. Beliefs have a strong hold from the past. By releasing fears and old beliefs you can change things to create a more positive future, let Jan show you how with techniques and a guided meditation followed by a Q & A.

  2:20-:3:20 Azurae Windwalker “The Freedom Factor – Practical Shamanism to Clear Trauma/Drama”  If you could clear away trauma drama and live a life free of fear wouldn’t that be wonderful? In this introductory lecture Azurae Windwalker will show you some simple and very effective practical shamanic and neurolinguistic programming techniques for clearing your heavy baggage. As we and planet Earth are ascending up in frequency our heavy traumas are rising to the surface to be cleared and forgiven. So the timing couldn’t be better to learn how to take care of yourself, clear, uplift and find freedom! Join us for a joyous cleansing process….. A more detailed workshop will follow in the Raleigh Area at a later date.

    Backup for 2:20-3:20 Jonathan Kramer- “The art of longevity and the secrets of the body” Purpose- To create awareness of a full life. – Explore the dynamics of all the aspects of the human experience.  Relations to the emotional, mental, and physical parts will be explained, expanding upon the connections between each other and ourselves internally.  Clinical pearls related to everyday life will include audience participation of what they are experiencing, and how I treat that ailment/condition.  The journey of life is never one direction, and only when looking at the entire spectrum, can we see all the layers.

396-300x300-Marcia-Jack-Green300   3:25-4:25  Marcia and Jack Hebrank “Core Shamanism – Soul Loss and Retrieval” What is soul loss, and what makes it so relevant to the world of our children and ourselves? Join Marcia & Jack Hebrank (Moon & Hawk), guest faculty members with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as they share with you about the fascinating world of core shamanic soul retrieval and healing. Based in the practices of indigenous shamanic cultures across the world, core shamanism provides the bridge to deep understanding and healing that our changing world so desperately needs.  Get ready for some sharing, drumming, singing, and rattling together as a group!

index  4:30-5:30 Diana Henderson-Tree Spirits: Living Their Purpose”-: Diana Henderson, author of Grandfather Poplar, will provide information on the quality and purpose of several types of trees and the archangel with which each resonates, a meditation journey to connect to a tree to strengthen the same quality in you, and a message from the trees about how living our purpose can help the Earth.